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Telenet is a reliable partner for handling Voting Platforms, ranging for SMS, to IVR, and even in India for Nepali enterprises, Media Houses, TV channels and Production houses. Through its partners, Apps are support global voting system to ensure pools, Opinion, surveys, reality show voting etc. We have handled Biggest reality shows to small opinion polls in Nepal and we are the preferred choice in the domain.


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Cloud Migration

Are you worried about the servere capabilities of handling data? Are you running on premise servers and feel expensive? Do you want customer experience as first thing as your Business KPI? If these are your concerns, then just think of Cloud solutions. Cloud Computing is scalable, cost reducing, Whether you're moving an existing product or building a new Application. We are here to help to solve your issues in lowest possible downtimes.

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Cloud Disaster Recovery

Concerned about back up solutions, Storage and recovery of data rather than customer experience? Telenet is here to help you leverage cloud based solutions to store and backup your data, while helping figure out the right disaster recovery plan as well. We have built customized backup solutions for large-scale, mission-critical databases, ensuring the most reliable backup and recovery environment.

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Performance Optimization

Migrated on cloud and still thinking on optimizing the performance, Be worry free, we at Telenet, study your server and application architecture in detail, identify all critical issues and fix them. We also provide automated performance toolkits, monitor some of the key metrics and help you modify your application codes with help of our experts. Contact us to leverage the performance optimization services offered by Telenet

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Cost Optimization

All SMBs, startups, and Enterprises are in a race to have a space in cloud in order to scure scalability, relaiability and security. It sounds simple, but this perfect package comes at a price. Make mistakes, and the price surely swells up! Telenet helps optimize your cloud cost by carrying out a complete audit, apart from monitoring & detecting unused instances and optimizing the deployment sizes.

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Cloud Managed Services

If you've been looking for someone who can help manage the entire cloud infrastructure for your business, you've come to the right place. Our inhouse and outsourced partners with multi years of experience in the domain are here to help across multiple industries. and not only this, we surely work on reducing your cost to a big extent, If sounds exciting, contact us now.

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Success Stories

Telenet Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading VAS providers in Nepal. Telenet has been providing value added service since 2009 in collaboration with local international Technical and content Partners ad Value added service refers to the advance or additional services a content provider or mobile operator’s offers to the mobile users. A Value-added service adds value to the standard service offering, encouraging the subscriber to use their phone more and allowing the operator to drive up their average revenue per user. In associate with Nepal Telecom, Teletalk has been providing various services to the large number of GSM and postpaid users of NTC.